John D. Bell, B.L.A., O.A.L.A., C.S.L.A., A.S.L.A.
    Principle, John D. Bell and Associates Limited, since 1988
    Senior Landscape Architect








EDUCATION: Bachelor of Landscape Architects,
                           University of Guelph 1983

                           Member - Ontario Association of Landscape Architects
                           Member - Canadian Association of Landscape Architects
                           Member - American Society of Landscape Architects

                         Ecological Storm Water Planning and Design
                         University of Toronto, Engineering Department
                         Bioengineering Techniques for Stream bank and Lakeshore Control
                         International Erosion Control Association
                         Bio-technical Slope Protection and Erosion Control
                         University of Michigan, College of Engineering
                         Wetland Restoration, Enhancement and Construction
                         Environmental Concern Inc., Ann Arbour, Michigan
                         Guidelines for Natural Channel Systems
                         Ministry of Natural Resources, Niagara Falls


EDUCATION: Diploma in Landscape Architectural Technology, 1985
                           Ryerson Polytechnical Institute, Toronto, Ontario.
                           Certificate in Arboriculture, 2007, ISA Ontario Chapter

                           Full Member of the Ontario Association of Landscape Architects.
                           Member of the International Society of Arboriculture

Tree Preservation and Assessment Plans
                           Community Parks Landscape Design
                           Commercial and Subdivision Developments
                           Administration / Specifications











    Norman Blais, OALA, ISA ON-1175A
    Landscape Architect / Certified Arborist / Contract Administration
    John D. Bell Associates since 1999














    Stefan Taina, Ph.D.Veg.
    Landscape Designer
    John D. Bell Associates since 2006




EDUCATION:     Ph.D. in Vegetation Science - Bucharest, Romania, 2000,                                                                  University of Toronto Accreditation
                             Landscape Design Certificate, 2005- Humber College, Ontario

                             Urban Design and Guidelines
                             Housing Design and Planning
                             Commercial Industrial Design and Planning
                             Storm Water Pond Ecological Design
                             Tree Preservation and Assessment Plans
                             Open Space Ecological Design and Planning
                             Shore Line Restoration
                             Ecological Restoration
                             Custom Residential

                             Web-site design