About Us


    John D. Bell Associates Limited is a collaborative group of professionals dedicated to furthering excellence in the areas of Landscape Architecture and Environmental Design.

    The company’s objective is continually under development through the expansion and improvement of both the scope and quality of services we offer while striving to develop

    the best environmental, site-specific solutions for our clients.

    For nearly 20 Years, a system of teamwork has been developed and nurtured amongst our staff of innovative and experienced Landscape Architects. To achieve the highest

    level of quality in our work, we collaborate with a select group of consultants and sub-consultants which, combined with our office staff, provide us with an experienced

    and knowledgeable support structure.

    Through our office, we offer a wide variety of services tailored to individual project needs including site analysis, site master planning, site grading, landscape and ecological

    restoration plans, site supervision, and contract administration.

    At John D. Bell Associates Limited our aim is to develop cost effective, functional, aesthetic, and environmentally sensitive designs.  

    Company Owner/Management
    John D. Bell has served as John D. Bell Associates Ltd. since 1988.

    Toronto Island Ferry Terminal Waterfront and Park International Design Competition, second place


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